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As you may be aware the government made changes to the financial model for loans taken out to pay for university tuition fees and living expenses. The changes meant that the new model was entirely based on interest making it haram for us Muslims. After many Islamic charities consulted with the government, the government  proposed a sharia compliant Loan alternative for Muslim Students- but it will only go through if there is a demand shown before the 12th of June by filling out a government survey.


*********** NEW TITLE RELEASE ***********

Young Muslims, Pedagogy and Islam: Contexts and Concepts by M.G.Khan


“Young Muslims, Pedagogy and Islam may be the most important book yet written on the genealogy of youth work and its crucial importance to Muslim youth....”
Henry Giroux, McMaster University, Ontario, Canada.


“MG Khan is to be commended for an excellent and well-crafted analysis of Muslim young people...” Salman Sayyid, University of Leeds


“...He shows how significant Islamic pedagogies can shape and move youth work practice focussed on everyday lives.” Janet Batsleer, Principal Lecturer Youth and Community Work, Manchester Metropolitan University

Young Muslims, Pedagogy and Islam: Contexts and Concepts by M.G.Khan


Al-Mizan Charitable Trust (AMCT) is a pioneering Muslim grant-funder
which supports disadvantaged people in your local community.

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