"Creating safe spaces for Muslim young people to explore personal,
social, spiritual and political choices"

Borderlines Archive

BORDERLINES is an online archive which is updated on a regular basis. It has a simple but very effective approach in dealing with difficulties and situations that arise in the delivery of youth work with Muslim young people. It creates a platform for young people to effectively engage and talk through the medium of writing and allows opportunity for others to respond to this voice.

A key demand that emerged from those that attended the national conferences on Muslim Youth Work was on how they as youth work practitioners, managers and policy makers could be connected to critical thinking and perspectives in relation to Muslim young people and community in order that they can better inform their policy and practice. There is an absence of this narrative in ‘professional public spaces’ whether in journals, magazines and organizations that comprises perspectives and narratives that could inform this field.


  • Model the complexity of ingredients that would be needed to contribute to the development and informing of youth work intervention, drawing on a variety of domains, academic and practice, including young people.
  • Contribute to an agenda that is determined by lives rather than events as so much of discourse on Muslim young people appears to be about.
  • The professional intersection enables collaboration with other faith and belief perspectives that could inform one another’s perspective and mutual understanding.
  • Establish a means of ensuring that this publication is able to access a cross disciplinary and institutional field, acting as a means of cross fertilization of perspectives and positions, constantly connecting critical perspectives to practice and policy.
  • Use a language that will seek to enable this crossover.
  • Design a process of dissemination that would enable maximum exposure to perspectives on a regular basis.
  • Allow young people to contribute regularly to the delivery of youth work with Muslim young people.