"Creating safe spaces for Muslim young people to explore personal,
social, spiritual and political choices"

Coat of Arms Project

Led by Rohail Aslam

Role models past and present. From darkness to light

Project Themes

  • Self reflection

  • Looking at the importance of role models and the journey from darkness to light (uncertainty to self discovery)

  • Art and Expression

  • Focussing on aspirations and values


The Project:

  • The project is aimed at working with young people from 11 through to 19.


  • To engage and inspire the learners in looking at role models and the massive contribution they could make to all of our lives.


  • Engage the learners in choosing their most important role model/s.


  • Discussion on how the choice of role models is determined by different cultural religious perspectives.


  • Looking at traditional/contemporary coat of arms designs and how the images on them reflect peoples beliefs and values


  • Through art utilising the creativity and energy  that young people can bring to tasks to create their own coat of arms designs that reflect their own personalities/aspirations/role models


  • The final stage of the project is to photograph their designs and have them printed onto T-shirts

Recording outcomes


ILPs (Individual learning plans) are completed for each learner to:

  1. Gain some information about the learners profile

  2. Establish what the learners goals are for the project

  3. Record the progress of the learners success throughout the project

  4. Offer the opportunity for both the Teacher and learner to add their comments on the project



For more information on the 'Coat of Arms' Project please contact:

Rohail Aslam

e: rohailaslam338@hotmail.com

t: 07792 384 802