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JCM - 37th International Students’ Conference for Dialogue between Jews, Christians and Muslims in Europe


15th - 21st March 2010

Power and Authority in Religious Traditions

The MYWF is offering bursaries to attend the conference below. This is an established event in the inter faith calendar and offers an opportunity through seminar, workshops, text study to consider the place of power and authority in the three Abrahamic traditions. More that this is an opportunity to learn from fellow participants, make friends and establish contacts that can support local work, with  opportunities for interested individuals to apply to be participants at the 37th International Students’ Conference for Dialogue between Jews, Christians and Muslims in Europe.

The theme of the conference is:

Power and authority in religious traditions

In today’s society, there is an increasing demand for responsible partners from the religious traditions in addressing contemporary problems. Within the traditions themselves, there are issues of authority and power. How do these questions affect the religious individual faced with such internal and external challenges? Who has authority and why? What is the relationship between this authority and the power of religious office? These are the questions that the 37th Jewish Christian Muslim Students’ Conference is going to explore.

The conference enables the encounter between the three Abrahamic religions in an unusually open and direct way.

The programme includes a range of opportunities for interpersonal exchange, creative groups and lectures which throw light on the guiding theme from the three different perspectives.  Encountering, experiencing and getting to know the three religions will be facilitated, for example, through celebrating worship in the different traditions. The background and liturgical elements will be explained in an understandable way.

Target groups include students and their teachers, as well as all those interested in, and actively committed to, dialogue between the three religions.

The languages used during the conference will be German and English.

The MYWF is offering to sponsor a number of youth workers or young people with travel and conference costs for the JCM Conference.

To attend please contact either Irit Burkeman on 0208 349 7700 or Hameed Hakimi 07944967966. This is a week long residential programme and you need to commit yourself for the full week.

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