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By Sabiha Nino Iqbal

Thumbs raised to hearing aids
As the prayers begin
To hold us indebted
For every single sin
It takes only moments
To take us away
From the hate and the discrimination
That plagues the light of day
Notice hours later
A different cloth on
One whiter one heavier
As I put my black belt on
I move through the katas
Perfecting each stance
As I think of my brothers and sisters
On both sides of the fence
I’ve got to keep balanced
To keep in the flow
Keep my ideas levelled
My actions in tow
I’ve got to keep grounded
My core beliefs strong
As I stance in defence
Because I know attack is always wrong
My guard raised as I watch eyes
Typing me out
Deciding who I must be
And what I’m about
There goes the moment
Slipping away
As I replace my footwear
And pack my means away
It’s like we’re on a daily uphill struggle
Altitude training in the dense of the rubble
I take a deep breath
Know that this way is right
From every folded forearm
To every bent knee
A salaam from a stranger
And I know I must be free



By Sabiha Nino Iqbal

This complex of lies
Destroying our communities
Obsessing our minds
Paranoid nine year olds
Forming gangs of their own
They want to live longer
And act like Al Kapone
Why no-one told them
The truth of the fact
They are judged for each second
Each intention
Each act
But not by a neighbour
A stranger
A traitor
By none as simple as humanity
If there is any inferiority
We shall only feel inferior to one
We have one judge
Who raises our sun
He is not a father
He is not a son
There is no victory in fighting hundreds of battles
There is eternal entity in subduing our enemies
Without fighting
I wake each day to raise my soul in praise
I wake each day to rise
I wake each day to thank Allah for how he sees the lies
I wake each day to prosper
I wake each day to strive
I do not wake
I shall not wake
To judge others
When all I do is try



1948 to 2008
By Sabiha Nino Iqbal

Critically acclaimed
For doing a job nobody can really identify
Symmetrically ordained
In believing in a God nobody can draw
Fingerprints for fingertips
Sleeves for gloves
Watches for intuits
Songs for loves
You are your own worst enemy
Reminding the troops
But they want clarity
And if Norman Solomon could spell the truth
Then I see no division in need for the two
They cannot be orthodox
They cannot be fair
They cannot read the scriptures
Or they would not remain there
Gaza Strip
One hundred years of conflict
Internal conflicts are now an everyday vein
They run through the bodies of every heart of the name
Al Aqsa, the faraway
So close to our minds
For our Ummah we pray
Within the Syria
We know the truth
We inhale their inflictions
Of bloodshed and noose
A child stands a moment
In front of a man
Who has no real reason
To be a part of the plan
Eyes connect to hold it
This seizure of land
Gunshots echo
Hit the ground
From a hand
The metal goes from cold to hot
For the first time he’s free
A victim of the system
Thanks to the support of George W B
Gathered in Jummah
Our intentions strong
As mothers cry for the innocence
That has been torn so long
And so we say
Because we believe
In the hands of Allah
Faith is everything we need
We will not cause more bloodshed
On this side of the globe
Why bring more hate out
Anywhere in the world
Why kill more innocents
Whatever their home
So we say
One day we will all be free
And no one will suffer
Ameen for Janin