"Creating safe spaces for Muslim young people to explore personal,
social, spiritual and political choices"

Muslim Youthwork Foundation Posters



A1 Posters (841mm x 594mm)

Poster 1:
Responding to lives...not event
Price: £1.75 (inc VAT) each

Poster 2:

How much can you carry?
Price: £1.75 (inc VAT) each

Poster 3:

What u lookin @?
Price: £1.75 (inc VAT) each

Poster 4:

Had enough
Price: £1.75 (inc VAT) each

Poster 5:

What would you give up?
Price: £1.75 (inc VAT) each



A2 Posters (594mm x 420mm)

Poster 6:
Not all that different
Price: £1.20 (inc VAT) each

Poster 7:

Personal or political
Price: £1.20 (inc VAT) each

Poster 8:

What's in a name?
Price: £1.20 (inc VAT) each

Poster 9:

Cut it out!
Price: £1.20 (inc VAT) each


Complete Package
All of the above posters including postage (Royal Mail 2nd class) £14.50 (inc VAT)


Postage & Packaging
Royal Mail 1st class (per postal tube) £3.30 (inc VAT)
Royal Mail 2nd class (per postal tube) £2.85 (inc VAT)


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