"Creating safe spaces for Muslim young people to explore personal,
social, spiritual and political choices"

Sadiqa Abdulla

“My personal odyssey to Youth Work is somewhat bland mediocre in comparison to some others in the well-oiled machine presenting itself as the Muslim Foundation before you. I cannot offer an intimate panorama into the intricacies of my life as that would be far to dull, and rather self-indulgent of me. But, what I will say is that I have recently completed a Masters in Politics & Religion at the University of Birmingham, and hold a BA (Hons) in Human Geography. My wanderings into community-work started at the young age of 16, and to-date all the work I have undertaken I borrow liberally and critically from my own life experiences and lent realities of other people.


In the foreseeable future I hope to work more closely with Muslim young people. And whilst not imposing age-old dogmas I would like to look at pathological strain that Islam seems to have acquired and the effect this is having on young people, especially since saturated media coverage has pushed religious beliefs forcefully into the civic and political sphere. Intellectual introspection has shown that many questions still hang in the air and answers are still sought. So, Youth Work could be the response”.



Manaf Alderwish

Bernard Davies

Gill Cressey

Abdullah Stephen Maynard


Sadaf Ali

Taniya Hussain

Bobby Sayyid

Tasneem Mahmood

Mohammed Kamran


Sadiqa Abdulla


Ruhul Tarafder