"Creating safe spaces for Muslim young people to explore personal,
social, spiritual and political choices"



..:: 2005 ::..

5th December 2005

National conference on Muslim Youth Work

The first national conference on the subject of Muslim youth work.




..:: 2006 ::..

29th March 2006

National conference on Muslim Youth Work:

Conversation and Actions - A Strategy for Muslim Youth Work

A follow-up from the national conference of 2005.




August 2006

Youth and Policy Number 92

Special Issue: Muslim Youth Work

A collection of critical study and essays exploring Muslim youth work.

Published by the National Youth Agency


Download Youth and Policy Number 92 (.pdf) >>



..:: 2007 ::..


March 2007


Muslim Youthwork Foundation Website

The launch of the original Muslim Youthwork Foundation website




February - March 2007

Toledo Residential

Working with EIL (Experiment in International Learning) and AIPC-Pandora, the MYWF took four young participants to Toledo for an international youth gathering, giving them the opportunity to share ideas on culture, religion and life with young people from across Europe and North Africa and we are looking to develop this international strand of our work.



March 2007

Communities of Practice

A series of one-day interactive workshops held in Harrow (London), Bradford and Birmingham, with leading expert Etienne Wenger. Communities of Practice as a concept validates the expertise that exists at the ‘ground level’ as the location to inform practice and policy. The workshops aimed to introduce this concept as a way of structuring partnerships and relationships for the benefit of Muslim young people and the communities and neighborhoods they live in. These workshops engaged with over 250 delegates that comprised of youth workers, practitioners, academics and experts in the youth and community field and young people.


Download Communities of Practice Programme (.pdf) >>



May 2007

Harrow Central Mosque

This emerged out of the Communities of Practice Workshop and involved a three month project led by MG Khan working with young people and committee members with the aim of designing in youth services and activities in a mosque. The consultation conducted by young people and committee members of the Mosque management committee has been written up and given to HCM. The work has led to the funding for a youth worker and bid to the myspace programme supported by Harrow Council.



May 2007


The Ultimate Separatist Cage?

By Gill Cressey

This book seeks to explore both the socio-cultural domains of Muslim society and attitudes towards single sex youth work specifically with young women.


Download The Ultimate Separatist Cage? Book (.pdf) >>



October 2007


Muslim Youthwork Foundation Website Redesigned



October 2007


Muslim Youthwork Foundation E-Shot Newsletters



October 2007


Istanbul Residential

20th October - 24th October 2007


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November 2007


Organisational Health Check Document


A capacity building and organisational health check tool kit has been developed to help emerging youth organisations chart their development and support their youth work practice.



December 2007


Yemeni Youth


The Foundation is approached on a weekly basis for support to develop activities and services for Muslim young people. The Yemeni Community Association is one such organisation that the Foundation have had the pleasure of working with. An invitation to speak at a consultation event was held on the 2nd December 2007 at Calthorpe play centre, Birmingham. There were over 50 young people in attendance and the MYWF has pledged to offer continued support, expertise and training.



December 2007

Achieved Charitable Status for Muslim Youthwork Foundation

Charity Number: 1122273


December 2007


Hear My Voice is a youth organisation that emerged out of the Foundation and is led by Tasneem Mahmood who was a previous MYWF project officer.


Hear My Voice to date has been successful in securing a start up grant from the Barrow Cadbury Trust from 2007-2008. It is a constituted organisation with a trustee board of 6 young people aged 18-30. To date it has ran a regional residential for Young Muslim Women aged between 16-25 from Birmingham.



..:: 2008 ::..


January 2008


The Ultimate Separatist Cage? Book Launch At Bolton Lads & Girls Club

The first book published on youth work with Muslim young women was held at Bolton Lads and Girls Club in January with clear practical examples of what constitutes effective work with Muslim young women.


With national publicity in:

• Young People Now 28th Nov – 4th Dec 2007

• Interview with BBC Asian Network on 3rd Jan 2008

• The Bolton News – Jan 2008



February 2008

Muslim Council of Britain

Over a number of meetings the MYWF worked with Chief Executive Mohammed Rafi to advise on its youth committee – Clarification of its role, purpose and practice. Designed and provided a training template to support development of youth activity of its affiliates. A possible training programme was designed and provided.



February 2008

International Visitor Leadership Programme

MYWF Project Director has been selected to be a participant in this programme that is organised and funded by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural affairs of the U.S department of state. The three-week visit to the United States has been designed to enable participants to exchange best practice between youth work professionals in the informal education sector on both sides of the Atlantic. This is planned to take place in May 2009.




April 2008


MYWF Workshops

A series of intensive workshops with Sheikha Halima Krausen were held in Birmingham, Muath centre on the following topics:



What Jihad Are We Talking About?

Jihad is one of the most misused key terms in present-day Muslim tradition. This workshop enabled participants to take a clarifying look behind the scenes. Starting from the root meaning of the term, we study its use in the Qur’an, in selected traditions and legal texts and in mysticism as well as examples for its misuse for unethical purposes.


Shari’ah? What Do You Mean?

In the current controversial debate about Shari’ah, everyone tries to get his two cents in. But what exactly is Islamic Law? How does it come about? Is it something inflexible and immutable? Does it fit into our time and environment? What could be the relationship with other legal systems? We have a look at the sources, methodology, scope and possibilities of Shari’ah.


The Qur’an - A Closed Book?

The Qur’an is read for a number of reasons: personal, ritual, meditative, practical, intellectual, spiritual, political ....Accordingly, there are different approaches and layers of understanding. This workshop looked at the tools of language, history etc., exploring various methods of interpretation and levels of meaning, keeping in mind present-day challenges and developing a live dialogue with the Book. The workshops were attended by 20 youth and community workers and with the support of the MYWF some participants have remained in contact with each other with a view to using the tools acquired from the workshop in exploring their own study circles.



May 2008


Shared Future Exchange Programme

Working with The UNESCO Centre, The University of Ulster and Birmingham University the MYWF prepared and organised a number of field visits for community relations officers from Northern Ireland to meet with and explore models of practice and approaches to community development. This included working with the following organisations:


• Ulfah Arts

• Balsall Heath Forum

• Narthex

• Birmingham Youth Service

• Learning Curve

• Concord Youth Centre


The return leg to Northern Ireland took place in October 2008 and provided a real insight into the work and approaches undertaken by the Community Relations Officers in Northern Ireland.


The programme was designed and led by Dr Derick Wilson (UNESCO) who was able to introduce nine youth and community workers from the Midlands to thinking in approaches to diversity and intercultural understanding and conflict resolution.





July 2008


Responding to lives...not events Poster Project

The Muslim Youthwork Foundation has published a set of posters designed to capture ‘Muslim youth experiences’ which challenge and subvert the stereotypes and Islamophobic perceptions that Muslims and Muslim communities face today.


The counter-images they convey are intended to foster debate on media representations by reference to personal experience of Muslim youth identity and can be used in a variety of learning settings by teachers, youth workers and trainers or just as posters.


For Muslim young people their faith identity has increasingly become positive and equally painful to negotiate in a context that makes them vulnerable to acts of violence and discrimination by being labeled as the enemy within.


The powerful imagery and text aims to generate understanding through visual depiction of feelings, challenges and choices. Young Muslims find themselves living in a social and political context that leaves them little choice but to engage with their religious identity. For many, the agenda of Preventing Violent Extremism (PVE) frames them as Potential Violent Extremists. The impacts these debates and policies have on young people’s lives socially, psychologically, physically and economically are framed within the posters.


View Posters >>



July 2008


National Yemeni Football Tournament

The MYWF worked in partnership with the Yemeni Community Association to help facilitate the first national Yemeni football tournament that was played on astro turf at Moseley school in Birmingham. The event took place over two weekends on the 27th July and the 3rd August 2008, with over 24 teams and over 300 players and supporters that took part.


There has been a lot of positive feedback from players, supporters and officials from the Yemeni Embassy and Yemeni Parliament who have invited some of the participants to play in a similar football tournament in the Yemen.



August 2008

Young Muslims’ Advisory Group (YMAG) Residential, Scalford Hall

During May 2008 the MYWF was approached by the DCSF and the CLG to initially find and recruit young people to form the young Muslims advisory group (YMAG).


The work included the organisation and delivery of a three day residential that took place in August 2008 at Scalford Hall, Leicestershire.


YMAG Statistics

  • From 27.06.08 to 25.7.08
  • There were 2,754 page views for YMAG web page in July 2008 of which 250 entered our site from Facebook.
  • There were 144 submitted applications from which 40 applicants were invited to attend the 3 day residential.




September 2008

MYWF Scholarships Programme

Funding has been made available by the CLG (Department of Communities and Local Government) to develop a scholarship programme to allow more Muslims to be qualified as youth workers nationally. The bursaries have been made available to train Muslim people as youth workers on any NYA professionally validated course. The programme aims to offer practical opportunities in the development and professional training of Muslim youth workers with additional support and expertise from the MYWF.



..:: 2009 ::..



MYWF National Scholarship Programme

Recruitment and selection of 10 scholars onto the MYWF national scholarship programme


March 2009

JCM - International Students’ Conference for Dialogue between Jews, Christians and Muslims in Europe

5 young people took part in a week long residential at the 36th International Students’ Conference for Dialogue between Jews, Christians and Muslims in Wuppertal Germany from the 16th – 22nd March 2009 and their reports have been published on the MYWF website.



May 2009

Deaf Dawah Workshop

Deafness and Islam ‘A God of Langauges? A God of Signs?’

Seminar led by Shaykha Halima Krausen


Successful launch of Deaf Dawah; an organisation dedicated to supporting Muslim young people with hearing difficulties, this event brought together over 9 organisations that are committed to supporting young people with disabilities




May 2009

MYWF Workshops

Exploring Muslim Youthwork

Led by Dr. M.G. Khan


For individuals training to be youth workers, the question this workshop asks is, what makes a piece of youth work "Muslim' youth work?




July 2009

MYWF Workshops

What is the impact of the PVE Agenda and Anti Terror Legislation on Muslim Youth Workers?

Led by Dr. M.G. Khan w/ guest speakers

This workshop explored / revealed what the practical implications of these dual agenda's have been for Muslim Youth Workers and Muslim Youth Work.




July 2009

Establishment of the Muslim Youth Worker’s Network



August 2009

Muslim Youthwork Foundation Website Redesigned



..:: 2010 ::..


The Muslim Youthwork Foundation in partnership with Deaf Dawah are holding 2 upcoming workshops led by Shaikha Halima Krausen entitled 'Exploring Our Potential'.

Using the 99 names (attributes) of God the workshop will look at the relationship between these attributes, their purpose in relation to us and the role they can play in fulfilling our potential.


Please click on the icons above for more information about these workshops.







..:: work in progress ::..